Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Good, Some Bad

Well, I got to write a guest post over at Garden Rant, which was pretty cool. And then as a thank-you I was banned from Wildlife Gardeners. Because, it seems, they think I'm being paid by Garden Rant to be subversive. Or something.

Their motives over at WG are actually quite good, so be nice to them if you visit. My handle used to be Stoloniferous. Maybe someone more level-headed can tell me if I was being an ass-hat, as I am rather upset and incapable of making such a judgement right now.

As my husband says, since I have had an article published at Wildlife Gardeners as well, that Garden Rant should ban me, too.


MAT kinase said...

I don't get why they banned you...

susan harris said...

GardenRant will ban you! But I'm with Mat - why did WG do it? I can assure them we didn't pay you - and have actually never paid anyone.

Michelle said...

Thanks guys. I'm still to angry to trust myself to say anything more.

Carrie said...

Hi Michelle-
Could you email me at I'd like to ask you about your beautiful picture of pokeweed.