Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Solar Gardening Experiment

Last year I received a book on Solar Gardening for Christmas, and once I finally got around to reading it I was very intrigued. Then I went and looked up how much it would cost to build some of their solar equipment and I quickly decided it was an interest I could put on hold for a while. Thanks to some generous gifts for my birthday I've decided to invest in the materials for a single solar pod and four solar cones.

The Sunlite HP glazing for the cones and the pod arrived today and this weekend I plan on heading up to the Home Despot to purchase the other components I need for the pod. Then I'll get to take lots of pictures of my attempts to put the pod together. I'm sure it'll go seamlessly...or not. I think I may try to build the cones this weekend, but the pod will have to wait until I can enlist some help and tools from friends.

I plan to do some controlled experiments with some seeds being under the cones and some outside the cones. I'm especially curious to see how they influence peas and tomatoes. The pod will be home for the hot weather plants like melons and I know they don't work otherwise up here so if I get any it'll be an improvement.

Many more posts on this to come I'm sure.

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