Sunday, March 28, 2010

Solar Cone Environment Data

Right now it is 46 Degrees with 56% Humidity outside.

Inside the Solar Cones it is 71 Degrees with 70% Humidity.

When you stick your arm inside the top its like placing your hand into summer with the 25 Degree difference in temperature. Cool.


cyndie said...

is there a way you could draw or print the plans for this item? i am 'chomping at the bits' excited to try this if i only had some measurements of some kind thank you so much cyndie lou n texas thanks

Michelle said...

Hi Cyndie,

I'll scan in the plans at work tomorrow and get them up.

Michelle said...

I see my husband has posted as me. . . :D

cyndie said...

good day folks...i kept searchin online under solar cones until i finally found a picture of the measurements. but ouch!! the cost of the panels made me cringe so i have looked for a substitute material to experiment with. i used a panel made for the flouresent light fixtures @ home depot most were very brittle, but i found a couple that were more flexible and used those that worked out fine. i read the opening measurements were important, i guessed at mine since the panel is just 24" and i am making educated guesses. i also used my pattern and cut some cones out of chicken wire for my mom and her battle with the cats in the garden. if your book has the top opening hole msmnt i could check it against mine and make adjustments if nescssary (for 24")i will be on the lookout for other materials i can use, that will give the same results and not be so costly.. thank you so much for your reply if you feel like i need to know something else you COULD post it here or emial me directly thanks so much for your help. oh yeah, i live in texas so we have a long growing season already, but hey!!! i am all about experiments and solar stuff. i have a worm bin on its way here and am excited about that. thanks again, ctndie lou