Monday, February 15, 2010


How embarassing: my old home of Virginia has been getting pounded with foot-plus snowstorms, while up here in the true frozen north, after looking at weeks of bare ground, we panicked at an incoming storm which turned out to be mostly fizzle.

The snow, what little of it there was, turned my grasses into comical slumpy lumps. Hopefully with a few more seasons of growth they'll have enough mass to look elegant in the winter.


Pam J. said...

What a familiar look! They do look sad, don't they? At this time of year, after a typical snow for the DC area, mine look like yours. But since I'm adjacent to your "old home of Virginia" my grasses are just lumps now. In fact, I may post a picture of one on my blog! Have heart. Spring is really very close.

Michelle said...

Thanks Pam! I'm secretly hoping for a nor'easter before spring comes. :D