Monday, February 1, 2010

I failed my saving throw against plants.

That's Dungeons and Dragons speak for "my money leaped out of my pocket." In other words, for the dozenth time this winter, I opened a random plant catalogue, but this time I just couldn't say no. 40 prairie blazing stars for $3.49? Really? Did they accidentally print an extra zero? 12 creeping phlox for the same price? I'm afraid some American persimmon and paw paw trees snuck into my cart as well before I was able to flee the website. Kelly Nurseries, I shake my fist at you for tempting me so!


MrILoveTheAnts said...

Oh dear. There are some amazing deals here with Native lily and Paw Paw but I read the Liatris as.

Liatris, Blazing Stars
(Qty 20) $3.48
Liatris, Blazing Stars
(Qty 40) $3.49

$3.48 each but if you buy 40 you get a penny off on .40 off.

Michelle said...

Nope. Here is my complete order:

5818 Persimmon, American 2 $9.49
6589 Paw Paw Tree 3 $8.29
6814 Creeping Phlox 24 $7.90
6213 Liatris, Blazing Stars 40 $3.49
Free Gifts as Earned Free
Sales Tax $0.00
Packing $9.99
Total Charge $39.16

I should have compared tree prices with Musser Forests first, though; they have beter tree prices generally.

hero爺 said...

You bought Persimmon!

Will you be ablr to eat a fruit of the persimmon this year?
I hope your son can eat one this year.

Michelle said...

Hello Hero! You inspired me. I saw persimmons at a local store this autumn, so I tried one. Delicious! Then I found out that American persimmons are native to New England, so I just couldn't resist. Thank you!

MrILoveTheAnts said...

A small warning about persimmon. They turn red/orange as though they're ripe in Summer time but eating one at that time will cause spontaneous cotton mouth, or something to that effect. Need to let them stay on the tree a while, say until November, so the bitterness goes away. Persimmon actually is known to still have fruit on the tree even when all the leaves have fallen off.