Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Veggie Garden. . .

Ooh, how embarrassing. . .

When there was a good snow cover on the ground, it made sense just to chuck the compost waste over the fence. Out of laziness, and a dislike of mud, I continued doing that after the repeated snow-melts. Now it looks like a garbage dump out there. And my neighbors can see this from their back windows! I am mortified.

Like an airplane restroom, the compost ball is occupied most of the time, and is a pain to roll. But more than that, when using a compost pile as a way to reduce what you send to a landfill, then you need two piles: one accumulating, and one cooking. So we need a container to house the pile that is accumulating.

On the bright side, I came across the idea of cutting boards like Lincoln-logs to make an easy-assemble easy-disassemble container. Now I just need to get it built.

But enough about garbage. Take a look at what has been waiting in the veggie garden under the snow!

Carrot. 'Nuff said.

If this chard survives the winter I MUST collect the seeds!

Garlic! Hooray for garlic!


MrILoveTheAnts said...

Carrots should be eaten their first year. The root (part you eat) gets to hard to munch on the second year. Are you planning on letting it flower?

Michelle said...

Chris says those carrots were just overlooked at harvest-time. Now we are just watching them to see what they do. Perhaps we could harvest some seeds from them.