Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Viva La Resistance!

I've finished the deed of removing 22 of my blighted tomato plants. I say 22 and not 24 because I had planted two Cosmonaut Volkov Red tomato plants this year and much to my surprise they showed very little damage from the late blight. I noticed while removing the plants that the CVR plants had dead branches from their neighbors draping their healthy branches. There were some branches I had to remove near the base, but there were no stem cankers and overall the plants look good. Their neighbors were showing cankers all the way at the top of their seven foot long vines.

I say resistance and not immune because the plants clearly were showing some signs of minor damage. It looked more light minor early blight rather than late blight. I will keep a close watch on them, but for the moment I have two tomato plants still! Pictures to follow tomorrow as it was too late to take any pictures when I discovered this.

The penalty for finishing my task in the twilight hours is about two dozen mosquito bites on my back. They are straining even my ability to ignore itching;)

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mostlypurple said...

That is encouraging! Be sure to save lots of seeds from those resistant tomatoes.