Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pestilence and Plague

I don't have Chris' eye for spotting plant illness, but even I can see the swaths of yellow-and-brown death galloping up the tomato plants.

I have never had any particular interest in my Irish roots, but here in our yard is the reason for my ancestry. I can't look at this patch of plants without thinking of entire crops wiped out. I'm trying not to imagine what it would be like to starve to death.

There are farmers out there, right now, who are in dire straights because of this. Please visit your local farmers' market and support your local farmers!

This may be the last pretty shot of this year's plants.


Steven Ashley said...

Sorry to see the devastation. So far I haven't seen the same marking on my tomato plants, here's to keeping my fingers crossed. Unbelievable how fast this struck your garden.

new york city garden said...

This is a shame. I blame the wet early season. In the meantime, plan a full patch of everything not solanum.

I got some yellow leaves, bottom first. But that is all for now. Just dumb luck.