Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lyme-Free for Now

Just a quick note that my Lyme test came back negative, which is good news indeed. It let me start tackling the issues that were causing the stress which is the real source of my current health woes. The year of the slug continues in the garden, though I'm beginning to think it may be the year of the oriental beetle instead. More on that to come.

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Lyme Aware BC said...

Be wary of a negative Lyme test. In reality Lyme should be diagnosed based on clinical symptoms. If you have Lyme like symptoms and have likely been exposed to ticks (and what gardener hasn't?) then you should rule out lyme by doing an antibiotic probe.

The gold standard laboratory test has an average accuracy rating of 36 percent. Probably better, more accurate results flipping a coin.

While I hope you don't have lyme you should know for sure either way as it does not go away on it's own.

This message is from one gardener to another.