Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time for a Blood Test

It has been a month now since I was bit by a female deer tick. I have not had the tell tale bull-eye rash since I was bit, but I have been feeling progressively worse. I had thought that most of it was stress related, but a week away from work didn't rejuvenate me. I wouldn't normally have done anything, but my friend Harry Teasley is currently in the hospital being treated for Lyme's. He's in bad shape as he had a heart block caused by Lyme's. Harry never saw the tick that gave him Lyme's and never showed the rash. I know that I was bit, and while the way I'm feeling could just be stress, I figure it is better safe than sorry, so I went in today to get tested for Lyme's.

Having had an alergic reaction to an antibiotic in the past I avoid taking them unless I'm sure I need them, so I want to wait for the test results before taking antibiotics. I won't know anything for a week.

Compared to Harry I'm fairing well I suppose. Still every morning for the last two weeks my first thought after waking up has been to go take some excedrin for my aching body and head. My legs have felt like they do after I go on a 50k bike ride. Not exceptionally painful, but they complain about moving and are sluggish. My right hip has been hurting when I'm walking or sitting and I've have numbness in my fingers and hands that comes and goes. I won't even start with the trouble my back and shoulders have been giving me and of course my head has been aching with today being particularly bad including numbness in my cheeks.

At the end of the day I can explain any of these symptoms for reasons other than Lyme's. My back and legs I could attribute to gardening, except I haven't done much of that in the last week. I can explain my shoulders and back as stress since that's where I carry mine and work has been stressful lately. My head I can attribute to the wild weather we've been having since changes in the barometric pressure can trigger migraines for me. The trouble with my hands and wrists I can blame on my profession since I'm always on the computer at work and home. I could also blame the tiredness in my back, arms, and legs on carrying around a big baby.

It doesn't help that the bite site still hasn't healed a month on, but when I think of where Harry's at I feel like a big whiner. I'll know more in a week and until then I'm going to try and focus on fixing the things that I think might be causing my symptoms. Like ending this post and getting off the computer for a while!

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