Monday, September 29, 2008


The kousa berries are turning more of a purple color. When I picked one, it squashed in my hands. And surprise! The pulp tastes sweet now!

For several days I have watched this eastern gray squirrel, sciurus carolinensis, helping himself to kousa berries.

The gray squirrels are as common here as anywhere else on the East Coast. They have been getting fat on acorns in the back yard this month.

We also have red squirrels, tamiasciurus hudsonicus.

These guys primarily eat conifer seeds, but that didn’t stop this one from raiding the suet birdfeeder last winter. Unlike the jovial gray squirrels, these pretty little things are solitary and feisty. They are highly territorial and want nothing to do with other squirrels or humans. During the winter I watched this one chase a gray squirrel almost twice his size away from the suet feeder, and I realized he was still living in our yard this past week when he scolded me, quite loudly, for being out on the deck.

Hey bub, the deck is my territory!


hero爺 said...

You have a wonderful place and family.

Walt said...

So THAT's what that was . . .

I saw one of those red guys bounding across the lawn and figured it was wayyyy too big for a chipmunk and wayyy too small for a fox.


marna said...

Hi Michelle, I so enjoyed tasting the Kousa berries. I will be planting some of the seeds to see if I can be successful in growing my own tree!

Michelle said...

You're welcome Walt. :)

Good luck Marna! If the seeds don't grow, let me know if you would like some cuttings to try.

Michelle said...

I forgot to say thank you, Hero. :)