Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Choate Park

Yesterday I took Gabe to a farmer’s market at Choate Park in Medway. Except the farmer’s market was nowhere to be found. But we had a nice walk.

There were several types of goldenrod in bloom. As with asters, I am not inclined to learn the specific types, even though it is native. There are just an overwhelming number of varieties, and they are all uniformly yellow. Bla.

Joe-pye weed, eupatorium purpureum, is also in bloom. Butterflies love this stuff. It is native as well, and it is unfortunate that it has "weed" in its name, because it makes a lovely garden plant.

There were some crazy mushrooms by the ball park. They were as much as eight inches tall!

I don’t know what this water plant is, but I love it.

The stroller wasn’t really made for rolling over gravel. Gabe got irritable with me for all the bouncing and jiggling.


Babzina said...

The farmers market ended 2 weeks ago, and we so miss the "bread lady" fortunately they are up at Umass medical center on Tuesdays till the end of the month. Check marna's blog for my site, "A Day in the life of a Queen. take good care, awesome photos.

Michelle said...

Thanks bab! I guess the local paper got the date wrong - or I misread it. Cheers!

Diane said...

I am getting suck a kick out of this blog!! How nice it is to have someone appreciate these underappreciated plants as much as me.

I am particularly interested in the Joe Pye pics--I collected some seeds on the offramp of 495 in Milford (yes, I risked my life for some seeds) and can't wait to see how they come up this year. I have a butterlfy garden in the works.

You guys are too much. See you in the garden!!!