Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shutting Down for the Year

Autumn put an abrupt end to tomato season. Suddenly, the nights feel cold, and the trees are turning glorious reds and oranges.

Because the bunnies keep infiltrating the garden, Chris decided to call it done for the year. The tattered fence came down, and the tired tomato vines went into a compost heap.

The asparagus fronds remain, as well as some basil and the Swiss chard. I think Chris was considering running the mower over the chard just to see it turn into confetti.

Even though the bunnies ate the tops off of the carrots repeatedly, we still got carrots! Perhaps because of having to regrow their leaves so often, they didn’t taste all that good, sadly. We processed this batch into baby food.

The raspberry bushes weren’t supposed to bear fruit until next year, but they didn’t get the memo. Chris and I are becoming frightened at the thought of drowning in a tsunami of raspberries. We will have to invite the neighborhood kids to eat all they want in self defense.


hero爺 said...

I like your life style.
It seems you are really enjoying your life.

But you are still young.
I wonder if you are typical
American young couple.

I have never seen such young couple like you in here.

Michelle said...

Haha! Thank you Hero.

I think we are typical in some ways. We moved out to the suburbs and had a baby, which is very typical. But we are more obsessed with gardens than most suburbanites.

It is common for Americans to see gardening as a chore. A common phrase for gardening is "yard work". But also most of that work goes into maintaining a lawn, and Chris and I don't bother taking good care of our lawn. Our lawn is mostly weeds! :)