Monday, September 8, 2008

Backyard Visitors

Chris stayed home today with a migraine. He woke me from a nap to tell me that I had a phone call - and there were deer in the yard. I took the phone and sent him off with the camera to try to get some pictures.

This mother and faun have been hanging about our neighborhood, but it I the first time they have stayed for any length of time in our yard while we have been there. I watched them graze for ten minutes when I was done on the phone, and then I went downstairs to find that Chris had crept like a ninja out into the sun-room, where he was taking shot after shot after shot – sometimes with a deer just ten feet away.

The deer hung shyly to the shade at first, but then ventured a little into the sun to eat the grass. They also grazed on winterberry, maple, and a few other understory plants that I couldn’t identify. They also grazed quite a bit on the pile of lawn clippings topping our compost pile. But they seemed too shy of the open yard to venture to the hostas growing close to the house.

Deer tongue!


hero爺 said...

What a fantastic garden!!!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks! The deer think the garden is tasty. :)