Friday, June 13, 2008

Sole Survivor

The second batch of green beans has been eliminated by whatever pests are munching it all down. They've also gone after the peas as they try to recover and the salad greens. They've left the mustard all alone as well. The sole surviving green bean was protected by a basil plant. They don't seem to like munching on the basil, so it's kept this one safe for now.

This weekend I plan on mixing up some hot pepper spray to cover the various plants that are being munched on. Hopefully some extra hot hot hot greens will sway them from continuing their forays into my garden. The news is not all bad, however, the tomatoes are continuing to put on growth and are starting to bloom. I'm still figuring out how I like to weave my Florida weave, but overall it seems to be working. It scares me that in the early morning, and at night the 'new' growth leaves curl up. I always worry I have a wilt of some kind, but when I get to see them during the day on the weekends they look beautiful.

I've been mulching the garden with Mainely Mulch, which you can see hiding in the corner of the picture behind my first batch of mustard. It is in full bloom now, and continuing to kick out loads of flowers. The flowers that have fallen off are just leaving little nubs, so I'm somewhat worried that they aren't making any seeds. Time will tell though, so I'm trying to be patient. The mulch is doing wonders for keeping the soil moist. I've been able to reduce my watering significantly. Though I do end up with little bits all over me after mulching an area.

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