Sunday, June 22, 2008

American Robin - Turdus migratorius

Throughout the spring and summer there have been robins keeping me company in the garden. They love eating the various bugs and worms therein, and I like them eating the various worms and bugs. Even though I like worms, the worms will make more. Recently the mom and dad have been yelling at me whenever I get close to the maple in the middle of our front yard. As I walked by today I saw a string hanging down and followed it up to a nest just above my head, at about 6'7".

With the mom out foraging I took the opportunity to thread the camera up through the branches for a couple blind pictures. The three chicks are adorable!

Mom eventually let me know from the nearby fence that I was not welcome. I could almost hear her cursing at the damn paparazzi to leave her children alone!

Our friend Jen came over and took this picture of one of the chicks sticking its head over the edge of the nest. As Jen said in the car on the way to work the baby must have been thinking "5 more minutes mom!"

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