Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Rabbit-Free Week

There were no infiltrations this week by an furry bunnies, and it felt great to watch everything start to recover. Overall the garden is really kicking into full gear, and everything is putting on some amazing growth. I did see some bunnies eating weeds in the yard, but I'll allow them that so long as they don't get anywhere near the garden.

Last Week

This Week

Michelle thinks it is cute when I work in the garden, because squash myself down into a squat when I want to work on something low to the ground. Here I'm weaving twine around some of the tomatoes. Since they're growing pretty rapidly at this point I'm always working on the weave throughout the week.

I'm 6'5" so I stood in amongst the plants to help give everything some scale. Some of the tomatoes are approaching three and a half feet now.

When I first planted the tomatoes I didn't quite believe that they'd fill in the space between them, but they have and they've done it much faster that I would have ever imagined.

I've been fertilizing the tomatoes with all sorts of different organics, and here I'm mixing some into a watering can to then feed the tomatoes. You may notice a pile of gunk on the trowel, this is stuff that wouldn't dissolve so I scooped it off the surface to apply around the plants manually.

There are tomatoes coming in all over the place, and looking at them just makes me drool. I can't wait for the first bite of the year!


marna said...

do you pinch off you suckers, or leave them on?? Your garden looks great - For clueless gardeners, you sure do have great looking plants - from an experienced gardener!!

marna said...

Ok , so I forgot to proofread it - I meant to say, do you pinch off your suckers.

C4 said...

Hi Marna,

I've actually been running a couple different experiments around the garden with heavy pruning, no pruning, pinching suckers, and having only suckers.

I think suckers should really be called what they are, secondary vines! I'll do a post on my interim results shortly. You can also see the Tomato Recovery post, as that plant is only 'suckers' as is full of flowers.

If you want a whole slew of opinions join the Tomatoville forums
They have people who do everything from heavy pruning to no pruning no staking.