Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chris, Your Garden is Beautiful!

Chris has been so glum lately because of the various animals that keep eating his garden. But Chris, your garden is beautiful! See?

Look at those beautiful rows of tasty mustard greens!

I know you don’t find onions t be as tasty or exciting as tomatoes, but look at how happy these onions are!

You can totally take credit for the rhubarb, seeing as you’ve been doing all the watering. And ditto for the asparagus, and the strawberries and the raspberries. With my neglect they should be rather pathetic right now.

You’ve even been taking care of my mostly-nuisance ground cherries for me!

I know they dispersed quickly, but the ladybugs are hard at work out there. I’m sure we’ll be seeing their offspring for years to come.

I’m fairly sure your ladybug intervention saved my lupines.

Your garden is a thing to be proud of, Chris!

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