Sunday, May 29, 2011

As seen from the windows. . .

See it?

Watch out for the hawks, snakey.

You aren't as hidden as you seem to think you are.

When Chris dived for the camera yelling what I though was a four-letter word. . .

. . .he was actually yelling "oh, FOX!"

One less bunny, too.

Other wildlife observed recently:

Salamanders under the log segments everywhere, even in Gabe's Garden.

A great horned owl hooting late one night.


A plague of squirrels, dining on nuts in the giant mulch mess.

A red tailed hawk eating a rabbit on a sidewalk on Martha's Vineyard.

The kik calls of a male Cooper's hawk letting his lady friend know his whereabouts.

Bunnies. In the yard. In Chris's garden. Chris is not pleased.

A black and white house cat in the yard, sauntering.

Crows, at the compost pile, as usual.

A snapping turtle at the side of the road, carried to the safe shade of poison ivy by a kindly old man who didn't lose a finger. It gave Gabe nightmares.

Blue jays in the yard. One of them screeches like a hawk.

A doe, on a drizzly day, spotted a block from home while pushing the little boy on his tricycle and carrying the baby in the mei tai. I have never seen a deer leap before. Impressive.

A chukar partridge, the size of a small turkey, seen from the window of a local coffee shop, swiftly identified by a group of regulars armed with ipads and smart phones. What is a chukar partridge doing this far from Asia, anyway? This one looked like it was waiting for a cab.

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Diana said...

Sounds like you're having a wildlife full spring. My garter snakes also climb up in the bushes but mostly they hang out in the part of the perennial bed that would qualify as overplanted and overcrowded.

The Chukar is a species that is commonly released for "hunting." On occasion they (and ring-necked pheasants) escape and establish small populations. I'll bet yours escaped not too long ago.