Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nursery Web Spider

When I went to clean out the salad garden that had spent the winter snug in the greenhouse there were several spiders per sq. ft. It really was amazing just how much bio-diversity that 4'x8' section of garden was sporting. The biggest spider of them all was this Nursery Web Spider that really startled me.

While it isn't huge by Tarantula standards, for New England this is a monster. It was very patient with me and even stayed still when I placed a dime behind it for scale. I should say that I adore spiders and the job they do. They are very welcome in the garden and this one was released into the pea plants to keep up the good work.


Scienter said...

*aieee!* Spiders, no matter how helpful, are still ($&@*(# scary. Grats to you for being able to get close enough to it to put a dime near it. I'd be hiding under my couch.

Rebecca Pizzo said...

Holy matza balls! I do not like spiders in my house, but outside is okay. As long as they aren't anywhere near me!!! YiKeS