Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pussytoes Surprise!

Walking by my pussytoes, I had another moment of *squeee!*

They are blooming! And the flowers are much prettier than I expected. (I grew these for the foliage, not the blooms.)

Aside from the slow growing, these were already my favorite ground cover. Now they are even more so.

Pink! Maybe it's something about having a baby girl, but I've never been quite so enamored of the color pink.

These are Antennaria dioica, I think. I should have kept that dang seed package.

And what a nifty five-sided shape. I hope I get seeds!


Pam J. said...

So sweet. And I love the notion that your new baby girl possibly made you appreciate your pink fleurs!

The pussytoes you sent me last year (note to other readers: Michelle shared some of her pussytoes with me last year!) are doing very well in their new Maryland home. No blooms yet, but I'm impressed by how hardy this plant is. It stayed green well into the winter and was one of the first things to bounce back after the snows melted in late winter. Now I just have to keep other weedy ground covers from crowding it out. I'm on top of it!

Anonymous said...


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Michelle said...

Oooh, Pam , I'm so glad to hear that they survived the trip! After sending you some, I tried transplanting a clump to another location in my yard. That clump became a crispy critter. I think my decision not to water anything during a drought was to blame. :P

Alas, although the yuccas you sent me just thrived last summer, it looks as though the snow pile did them in. I had thought the bed was out of range of the snowplow pile, but this was a record winter.