Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeds Ordered

I managed to do it a little later this year than I have in the past, but the seeds for this year's garden have been ordered! Along with the saved seeds from last year it is going to be a full house.

Soya Beans - Fledderjohn, Envy
Beans - Scarlet Runner Bean, Contender (Buff) Valentine Bush Bean
Beets - Bull's Blood Beet
Cucumbers - Parisian Pickling Cucumber, Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Salad Greens - Miner's Lettuce, Blue Curled Scotch, Early Purple Vienna, Big Boston Lettuce, Rocky Top Lettuce Mix, New Zealand Spinach
Melons - Prescott Fond Blanc Melon
Parsnip - Hollow Crown Parsnip
Peas - Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea, Sugar Snap Snow Pea, Lincoln Garden Pea, Tall Telephone Garden Pea
Radishes - Chinese Red Meat
Summer Squash - Lebanese White Bush Marrow
Winter Squash - Shishigatani or Toonas Makino
Swish Chard - Five Color Silver Beet Chard
Watermelons - Sugar Baby Watermelon
Tomatoes - Black Cherry Tomato, Roma Tomato, Royal Chico, Yellow Pear, Lollipop Tomato, Ananas Noir Tomato, Kellogg's Breakfast, Sungold Select II, Pink Oxheart Tomato

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