Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Big White Blur

Welcome to our house!

This will be the winter we talk about for decades to come. It's been one storm after another all through January. Multiple storms dropped a foot of snow. Gabe's Garden is under the snow in this picture.

An early-morning view of Gabe's Garden from the front window. That dimple in the middle is his slide.

The trench leading to the front door is taller than Gabe.

The raspberry row. . . see? See the fence in there? No?

Several kindly neighbors have been by to assist with clearing the driveway. I love our neighbors! Chris is upstairs baking a giant quantity of blueberry muffins as I write this, as a thank-you.

Chris is pretty much recovered from the walking pneumonia now, hooray! And my placenta previa has cleared up - hooray! So we have both been able to do some shoveling. Some. Bless our neighbors!

You might think this was taken out in the wilderness somewhere, but it's a view of one of the snow heaps from the street. That was a few days ago. The heaps are much bigger now.

Yesterday, I had an early doctor's appointment. In one hour, two inches of snow piled up on the car. I slid into an intersection on the way home. We decided it was wise not to go in to work.

This was taken several days ago, as Chris fought his way to the garden to excavate his squashed little greenhouse. I have been venturing out there once a week to take out the compost. That's as much cross-country walking as I am willing to do right now.

And to think we thought this was deep snow!

Can you see the bench now? Neither can we.

Here was the mailbox a few days ago before the plow dug close to it. We are one of the lucky people to still have an upright mailbox. The continuous piling of snowbanks by the plows is rough on mailboxes.

They said on the radio that flat roofs are in danger of collapsing under the weight today, because it is raining, and the snow is soaking up the rain like a sponge. Chris, wisely, removed the 28 accumulated inched from the sun room roof yesterday, as another foot was beginning to fall. We're not as worried about the deck. . . or rather, we're both secretly hoping that the snow will squash it. Hopefully the rest of the roof will be able to withstand the load.

Mmm, I smell muffins!


Anonymous said...

And here I thought Minneapolis was going to be able to regain bragging rights to having the most obnoxious winter, but I def think you guys may be in the running! Thanks for the pics ... and I'm glad to see that Chris gained some sense and put a HAT on in the final pictures! /grin

Here's hoping this is the last you'll have to worry about the weather for, oh, at least a day or two!

Anonymous said...

Gabe is so darn cute. Bet he is having a ball.

Maureen said...

This is crazy! I was just out walking the dog and I could hear the tree crackling from the ice covered branches. Uggg.

Michelle said...

Thanks guys. :) Now if only we could find an ice dam removal service that isn;t booked solid!

Karyl said...

The photo of the Certified Wildlife Habitat sign made me laugh out loud. That's just great, thanks!