Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice, Day 1

This was, hopefully, the climax of winter. About two weeks ago, on top of our existing two feet of snow, it rained. The snow soaked up the rain like a sponge, and then the whole mess froze. News reports regularly included the number of collapsed roofs in Massachusetts. Chris and I stopped joking about wanting the deck to fall off the house, because it was getting to be a real possibility, and it might endanger the air conditioner underneath. He was a hero, and did all the work himself.

This is what the weather did to the trees.

It was gorgeous.

It was also terrifying. While Chris was excavating the deck, he heard a crack. He turned just in time to see this great limb snap off. Out in the woods somewhere, he heard another tree fall.

That day made me deeply grateful that we went through with cutting down the dying oak tree, because this is the sort of weather that could have sent it through our roof.

More pictures to come. . .

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