Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scarlet Runner Beans

I decided to grow some scarlet runner beans this year in marginal locations around the garden where they wouldn't have the best conditions, but would have plenty of room to grow. Based on this year they have definitely earned a place in a garden next year. When they are young they are amazingly tender and flavorful. Probably among the best green beans I've ever eaten. As they get larger they lose their texture and flavor, but you are rewarded with large beautiful beans. We still have to try the beans I've collected in a meal, but even if they aren't good there the tender beans alone are worth the space and effort.


Maureen said...

Good to know! I planted peas in the Spring and they were wonderful. I have a Fall planting out there now and hopefully I will get some before the real cold settles in.

Layanee said...

They are very beautiful beans. Can you dry them and bake them?