Saturday, October 9, 2010

American Chestnut at Franklin Matters

I put up a post on American chestnut trees for Franklin Matters.

I've been getting in touch with TACF members to learn more about the Idylbrook breeding site. The biggest surprise? Most of the trees are going to be cut down next year. But this is a good thing! The trees have started to reach maturity. They have been exposed to the blight, and by next year, the breeders will be able to tell which ones are worth breeding. The rest are to be eliminated from the gene pool.

Even though it is an entirely logical step, the thought of these beautiful, healthy-looking American chestnuts being deliberately killed makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

They will be needing volunteers at some point, but nothing has been scheduled yet.

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UrsulaV said...

Well, it kinda sucks, but I totally see why they need to do it. Slaying healthy happy invasive plants used to give me a twinge too. (Now I am more likely to scream "DIE, ALIEN, DIE!" but, y'know. We all cope in our ways.)