Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time flies: we just hit 500 posts!

The last couple years of blogging about our gardening adventures have gone by in a flash.

This blog started as a way for us to document our gardening discoveries for ourselves, and while it still does that it has also helped to connect us with like-minded gardeners both locally and on the other side of the world!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and joining us on our journey!


Pam J. said...

You guys are so cute! I think of you every time I walk in my garden because of the pussytoes you sent me. They're alive but just barely hanging on. Not only has it been HOT (100 degrees or close to it for a few days) but we had a water restriction for 4 days (burst pipe in a nearby city). Happy Blogging!

Diana said...

Congratulations! I'm getting excited to be nearing the one year mark (on Tuesday). Here's wishing you another 500!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! And congrats Diana! Pam, I'm cheering for your pussytoes. Two of the yuccas you sent me are growing like gangbusters. I am thankful for that, because so much else in the yard is dead or eaten right now!