Monday, July 12, 2010


Finally! What was that, a month of no rain?

This is the rainbarrel overflow station in action. Two overflow hoses go into the watering can when it isn't being used, and the can sits on rocks that keep it tilted to pour the overflow into the bird bath.

It took less than fifteen minutes for the rain barrel to fill and overflow. That's a hundred gallons in a very short time. No wonder the flooding was so bad this Spring. Just think of all the water running off of all those roofs and parking lots.

There is so much water pouring out, that one hose is missing the can entirely, and the can is still overflowing from the side. Yay water!

This was rain from Saturday. Last night we had another deluge, and this morning is blissfully foggy.

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UrsulaV said...

It poured like that here, day before yesterday. Which the garden needed, but swaths are now doing the ragged flop, and the garden, never tidy, now looks a bit like a war zone.

Worth it! Just wish I'd gotten around to staking BEFORE, not after...