Monday, July 19, 2010

How does your garden grow?

We're back. This time we were in Wisconsin for my cousin Jimmy's wedding. Once again we returned home to the garden having been busy over the last couple of days. The corn is absolutely amazing, as is just about everything else.

I am not a short man. At 6'5" I can easily reach up over eight feet tall, and I can't come close to the top of the corn now. Gabe loved saying "Daddy can't reach" over and over again while we took this picture.

If the corn tastes half as good as it has grown then I'm sure it will be a staple for years to come. If nothing else it has been loads of fun to watch as it grows up.

The tomatoes are starting to trickle in, though I'm sure in another couple weeks the trickle will turn into a steady flow. Just a couple are ready at the moment, but boy do they taste good.

Leave the house for four days and the summer squash gets stupidly huge, which is no good. I like them small an tender, though this one might be good for saving seeds.

The Far North melons are starting to shape up, with this one being the most photogenic. I can't wait for a fresh from the garden melon.

I have no idea how I missed this monster pumpkin. It's about the size of a basketball already and I swear it wasn't there four days ago. Overall the pumpkin vines are being brutalized by vine borers despite my best efforts. Soon I'm going to have to cut the bases of the plants off and depend on the re-rooted sections I buried further down the vine to support the plants.

Last but not least the soy beans have started to form. I can't wait for fresh edamame!

The garden is really turning into an impenetrable jungle. I will do better with the layout of the garden next year as it is getting really hard to navigate.


hero爺 said...

I understand your situation.
Now we enjoy the fresh edamame from our garden. It's very very delicious!

Gloria said...

Wow,great garden. Good eating this summer.