Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stonybrook Wildlife Sanctuary

The Autumn colors of New England are at their peak now, and the intensity of the colors is phenomenal. I took Gabe out to view the foliage at Stonybrook "Farm", which isn’t a farm at all.

Every photo I took turned out looking like a post-card!

I am always a little sad this time of year. The plants are no longer growing, and the days are shorter. While I know that once it snows, I will be happy again, the thought of facing the cold and the dark again makes me melancholy.

But there is something to look forward to at Stonybrook: otters! I was told they are easiest to spot early on winter mornings.

On this trip, we saw a swan.


hero爺 said...

Wonderful view!
How long does it take from your house?

Thanks for your effort.
I have never seen such a salamander.

Michelle said...

It only takes ten or fifteen minutes to get to this park from our house. There are other ponds even closer! New England is famous for its Autumn colors and its ponds. I feel so lucky to live here.

You are welcome. :) Our salamanders are tiny compared to the ones that you have in Japan1

hero爺 said...

Yes, I know only big one, so I expected your salamanders like this,

I didn't know so many kind of salamanders to be in the world before visiting to a http:// site.
May be you know already such a site. So I did not write the URL.