Saturday, April 26, 2008

Massachusetts is in Bloom!

The blooms on this understory tree or shrub are just now fading to leaves. It looks similar to witchhazel, but no seedpods were present, and I don’t know if witchhazel would bloom this late in the season. This one is waist-height and is growing inside of the loop path in our yard. I have seen larger specimens in the woods along the highways.

Another understory tree or shrub had these humble blossoms hanging from its branches until recently. They were one of the earliest things to bloom this spring, unfolding over the course of a couple of months from small, hard brown nubbins to thumb-length yellowish sausages. I have seen them about along the banks of streams. This one grows alongside our poison sumac, which is still dormant.

The bleeding heart surprised me by producing copious quantities of little blossoms overnight!

I had to look closely to see the tiny little blossoms on the tiny little bearberries. I do hope these little evergreens have a growth spurt this summer. If I can get them to spread, they would make a fantastic all-season groundcover for the edges of full-sun flowerbeds.

We have one large, gorgeous evergreen azalea in the front, which is currently purple with blossoms. In a few months I’ll try growing more from it by taking cuttings.

I swear, this Jack-in-the-pulpit must have made a “sproing” sound effect when it popped up. It looks a bit like Chris when blinking awake in the morning with the rumpled pattern of pillow embossed on his face.

Happy spring everyone!

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