Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Dirt Day

April 12th was Michelle's birthday and like any loving husband should I bought her a big pile of dirt. Not just any dirt mind you. No this is grade A premium loam, and as an added bonus I get to lug all 15 cubic yards of it all over the yard to the various beds it needs to fill.

It didn't take to long to fill up the second major garden bed with loam because we had some extra muscle up this weekend. Michelle's parents came up from Virginia to visit for her birthday weekend. Her father Rob and I hauled a whole lot of earth to the places it needed to go.

The fact that we were hauling dirt to the appropriate places seemed to make Michelle quite happy.

On Sunday with the additional help of Walt and his son Ian we managed to scalp all of the sod off of the 3rd and final major garden row that we'll be preparing this year.

It looks like we'll have just enough loam left to fill it once I finish excavating out the rocks and sand.

I've been experimenting with leaving may various tomato plants outside during the day, and unfortunately I think I managed to scorch my seedlings. Their cotyledons have started to yellow, but the true leaves that are starting to grow out look very healthy so I'm hoping they pull through. The original batch of seedlings I started are really getting huge now, and need to be in the ground. Since I still have at least three weeks before that happens I'm wondering if they'll hang in there. Some of their leaves have started to show signs of stress, so I'm not sure if they will.

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