Saturday, August 14, 2010

Edamame Fresh from the Garden

I picked some of the soy beans just before lunch and decided to try making edamame for lunch. I figured Michelle and I would split some. Much to my surprise Gabe got into his chair and dove in.

It took him a couple attempts before he figured out how to get them open, but he learned quickly.

Nom Nom Nom goes Gabe.

Earlier this morning Gabe shelled a bunch of dried peas for me, so I'm wondering if that helped him out with the edamame. Though eventually he copied mom and dad and started popping the pods in his mouth to break them open.

Happy boy full of fresh organic edamame. If I ever doubted if all the time in the garden was worth it, watching Gabe happily eat GREEN things from the garden has dispelled that doubt.


Pam J. said...

A-Dor-uh-Bull! Such a nice moment.

I love fresh from the garden peas and beans but I should give up trying to grow them. For one thing, I simply don't have enough space: my plot is about 5 x 10 and I grow tomatoes there, plus a biggish stand of peonies, and lettuce and parsley and green peppers, although I'm not very successful with those either. For another thing, I also, and this is the real key to my lack of vegetable gardening success, let every "interesting" plant grow --like melon volunteers and amaranth and fennel. It's simply too crowded in there for any one plant to do well. So I must work on self-discipline first.

How much space do you devote to pure vegetables would you say?

C4 said...

Hi Pam,

I have to admit that I have the luxury of having lots of room to make mistakes. While I don't have exact measurements for the current garden configuration the fenced in garden area is a little over 2600sq ft. With about 1400sqft or so being garden beds. The space I grew the soya in this year was 4x8 and produced a couple pounds of edamame.

How deep is your soil? While the surface area is important the roots are where its at. With 2 1/2 ft of soil the 1400 sqft becomes 3500 cuft of space for roots, which is part of the reason I can get away with very dense planting.

By contrast we originally had around 4 inches of topsoil which would have given a garden of equal size just 466 cuft of space for roots.

In the end I guess the real answer to your question is about 3500 cuft of soil and the air above it;)

C4 said...

On another note I too have a fondness for volunteer plants. I can't really give you any good advice there because I tend to try and make room for them if I can, even though I know I should pull them.