Friday, August 13, 2010

A couple more. . .

It seems that my strategy of taking photos on the weekend and then posting them through the week has worked too well: I still have quite a backlog! So I shall cover two plants tonight.

This St. John's wort volunteered in the meadow, and bloomed like mad throughout this mad drought.

If I remember correctly, there are native St. John's worts, and there are non-natives. And there are lots of each, and they all lot alike. I'm not qualified to deduce which this one is.

This, on the other hand, is absolutely a native phlox. I bought it at Garden in the Woods two years ago, and stuck it in the worst possible location: in a dry spot where I am unlikely to ever drag the hose. And worse, it's on top of the cement block that holds up the broken lamp. So why is it flourishing like this? It has been in blazing bloom for a month, and we have had almost no rain in two months.

I can't believe anything is doing this well under these conditions. It's the only thing up in that front bed that doesn't look awful. Note to self: buy more phlox at Garden in the Woods.

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