Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Loosestrife, the good kind.

My volunteer whorled loosestrifes (Lysimachia quadrifolia) are in bloom! If I were a traditional gardener, I would have yanked them all from the flower beds as "weeds". Instead, last year, I let them bloom where they grew, and then I used the Connecticut Botanical Society's fantastic wildflower gallery to identify them. This year, I moved them into various locations in my meadow.

This is a surprisingly tough little plant. Even the ones that were bare-rooted and then plunked in the most inhospitably dry, hot location and then barely watered did fine. Not even a droop!

I left a few growing in the flower beds as emergency backup, but given how well these are taking to their new home, I may transplant the remainder into the meadow soon.

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