Monday, June 28, 2010

Audubon and Cape Wind

Hey, this is good news! As of last Friday, the Massachusetts Audubon society supports the Cape Wind energy project. If I am not mistaken, the last real environmental hurdle the project faced was in demonstrating that it posed no significant hazard to birds. If the Audubon Society is happy, then wow, this project is a winner!

(And the rich folks who don't want their views spoiled by windmills can go stuff themselves. I'll gladly take one of those colossi in my backyard.)


Diana said...

That IS good news. I know that wind farms kill birds but it's a lesser of two evils thing. Our current energy sources sure aren't very environmentally friendly (if you see a BP exec can you give me a call so I can come get arrested for assault? I'm saving up bail money! ;))

Welcome back from vaca. It's always good to get away and usually even better to come home.

Michelle said...

Thanks Diana! Would you like a donation to your bail fund? ;)

Diana said...

If I find a BP exec I'm be sure to have The Husband post a plea for bail money on my blog. I'll put the extra money into new plantings!