Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Dirt Day

Yesterday was Michelle's birthday, and for her birthday two big piles arrived. The lighter brown pile is 8 yards of loam and the darker pile is six yards of organic compost. Happy Dirt Day Michelle I love you my gardener in crime.

The loam is from K&K Mulch and Loam in Franlin MA
The compost is from Groundscapes Express in Wrentham MA

We've ordered loam and mulch from K&K before and have always been happy with their service and product. I found Groundscapes Express on the NOFA website on their approved organic listing.

It actually took a couple of hours of searching online to find a local source of bulk organic compost and I usually find what I'm looking for online very quickly. The compost is beautiful and I'm looking forward to arranging a trip to visit their facility. When I called and talked with John, their composting operation guy, I knew I had found someone who was really into his job. They have a detailed analysis of their compost online too. I can't wait to start growing in it!


Michelle said...

Hooray, happy dirt-day to meeee! :D Thank you Chris!

Pam J. said...

Boy, the man really knows how to give a great gift! I'll take compost and loam over a box of chocolates any day. (Well, maybe one box of chocolates occasionally along with the compost would be nice.) Happy belated birthday!

Michelle said...

Thanks Pam! :D