Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charles River Watershed Cleanup

Yesterday was the yearly Charles River Watershed Cleanup Day. After meeting at the local Whole Foods, we went out to our designated location: a dirt road leading out to a dammed bit of the Charles.

You can see my friend Walt out there, just between the trees. He donned waders and bravely slogged out into the wetland to extract trash. Among the stuff he hauled out were a broken baseball batting practice device, part of a table, an entire sealed bag of garbage that someone else had dumped, and the ingredients of beer pong: beer bottles and ping-pong balls.

He also brought a turtle back to shore for Gabe to examine. A snapping turtle perhaps? Judging by the damage to its shell, the poor critter had led a rough life.

Kelly, Gabe and myself stuck to the shore. Of the three of us, Kelly did the most work. I bagged a measly half-bag in between keeping Gabe out of the poison ivy and ineffectively keeping the gnats from biting his neck. Gabe contributed a few sticks and leaves.

Walt and Gabe.

Here is Gabe scaling sand bags left over from the recent flooding. . .

. . .and playing with sticks.

And this is what we were cleaning up. Beautiful, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Neat! I wish I had been in town for that. The boys would have loved it. We'll have to catch it next year.


Diana/ Garden on the Edge said...

The turtle is NOT a snapper. Without a better look I can't identify it for sure - it might be a mud turtle or a musk turtle (based on the shape of the shell).

Thanks for checking out my blog and all the great comments!

Pam J. said...

Good for you! Keeping our water clean is (or should be) the Number One priority for all of us.

Walt said...

Hi Diana!

I was the one proclaiming snapper, because he definitely wasn't one of the painted turtles I saw there, and I found a larger snapper the year before.

However, I think you are right - with an internet search this morning, I'm leaning more towards eastern musk.


Doctor Mom said...

Thank you for your good work!