Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter is for Planning

Okay, so planting bamboo in the front yard was a bad idea. It had the potential to go terribly wrong in a highly visible way, and the damage would have been very difficult to reverse. So, no bamboo.

Which leaves me with a big hole in the front yard.

But in afrghtenly timely manner, I stumbled across this site: a playground blog!

It would make so much more sense to build a play-space for Gabe!

The plan so far is to make a ring of mulched, open space, surrounded by beds of kid-safe plants.

Here is the current layout of our front yard:

And here is roughly what I would like to do:

More later! Gabe is in my lap and is getting impatient with me. Little does he know!


hero爺 said...

Michelle san

It seems that a bamboo is good for a person who is just onlooking, but no good for a person who is taking care of it.

So you have made good decision, I think.

Michelle said...

Haha! Hero, you are wise! Thank you for giving me a smile!