Thursday, January 1, 2009

Michelle's Snow-Day Photos

I took the new camera out for a try in the snowstorm. It was much more difficult than I expected. I'll need some practice in warmer, drier weather before I'll be really ready for the challenge of photographing snow.

Poison sumac berries:

The remnants of the witchhazel blossoms:

Sunset, the day after the storm, seen over an old bird's nest:


marna said...

Your photos are just great! We are fortunate to have an overhang where I can stand outside and get part of our yard without getting snowed or rained on!

Michelle said...

I learned that a large camera is much more unwieldy in the snow, because I couldn't shove it in my pocket in between shots! My fingers froze quickly, and the camera was getting wet.

Michelle said...

Oh, and thanks Marna! :)

Layanee said...

These are beautiful and serene! Happy New Year Michelle!

hero爺 said...

What beautiful pictures you took!

Especially I love last one picture. What a very mysterious!!

I would like to recommend you to use a tripod for preventing a camera shake, when you photograph with a macro lens on a high end camera.

Michelle said...

Thank you Hero. :) Chris says he wants a tripod for his birthday!