Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Colder

We wake up to frost and ice some mornings now.

We’re due to get our first snow flurries soon.

The strawberries have been tucked in for the winter.

Along the base of the front bed, I planted crocuses, creeping thyme, and wild violets.

To my surprise, the alyssum is still blooming, and the Swiss chard is still growing. And the saffron crocuses are coming along nicely.


marna said...

HI MIchelle, I'm just wondering how you are finding the time to do anything besides your working and taking care of Gabe!! Good for you that you are so organized! YOur post reminded me that I had not covered my strawberries yet!! And I don't work or have a baby to care for!! Thanks for the reminder!

Michelle said...

Hi Marna! I actually only get a few hours each weekend to work in the yard. But on the bright side, digging doubles as exercise. :)