Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day! Time to Plant Peas!

This morning was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Gabe and I were planting peas in the garden. The weather is so nice at this point that the Mouse Trap needs to be opened during the day to keep from cooking the greens. I've already cooked them a little leading them to be a little bitter, but I hope the cold works that out of them.

Gabe and I were two peas in a pod this morning as we worked on making holes and plunking peas into them. This year I'm growing two tall varieties Tall Telephone and Sugar Snap as well as two bush varieties Lincoln and Oregon Sugar Pod II. Last year's inter planting with the crops that will replace the peas in the summer worked so well that I've planted a much larger space with hundreds of plants. I plan to have the winter squash take over their row come summer.

I will be the first to admit that Gabe slowed down the process immensely, and every single moment was a delight. Here he's helping me push down the dibble to make holes for the peas. Every time I repositioned it he'd grunt "PUSH!" and we'd make a new hole.

After we'd get the holes in I'd hand him a pea and tell him where it'd go. He'd eventually get them all on his own, but this process involved more teamwork and was more fun for me. I absolutely loved that Gabe exclaimed, "We do good teamwork!" about half way through the planting and again several times after that.

I never imagined that he'd have the dexterity he has at his age. He only missed a couple times in hundreds of pea drops.

He was so intent here and melted my heart by saying, "I'm a good good planter daddy." To which I said, "Yes you are, you're a good good planter."

More Dibble work in the raised bed, please ignore the muddy support structure that was bent by the crazy winter snows.

Gabe did a great job here of stretching out to get the peas in the raised bed, and listened very well about not stepping in it.

For the sugar snap peas I wanted to do some bamboo supports as well as using the metal so Gabe and I worked to push them into the raised bed together.

I was happy all day after this wonderful morning shared with Gabe and Mommy in the garden!

Gabe said, "I like this game daddy. I'm going to go get more sticks." after we finished.

So he did, and pushed them in all by himself...

A hug for mommy and his baby sister and we were ready for daycare and work. Now we just have to hold on for a couple months until the yummy peas arrive!


Karen said...

Oh, what a sweet boy Gabe is. These are memories for all of you to cherish; the time goes so fast. The peas are going to be extra-tasty this year for your family since they were planted with love.

Scienter said...

These are such cute pictures!

hero爺 said...

What a nice family you are!