Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter, Finally!

It's about time! I was too busy chasing our toddler to go outside for some real photography, but even the views from our windows have been photo-worthy.

That's Chris's anti-bunny veggi garden.

Many yards in this area include old wells. The neighbors have capped theirs with a decorative wishing-well structure in order to keep curious kids safe. (It's that box-thing hidden behind a crabapple there beyond our big pines.)

This is the ugliest view: the driveway, our falling-apart fence, slumping raspberry canes, and the street. Even this view is amazing under fresh snow.

Gabe's Garden just looks lumpy. The stately grasses are now comically slumped.


Pam J. said...

Everything looks beautiful, even the lumpy garden. BTW, I would love to send you some of my baby yucca plants. If you're serious about wanting some, just zap me an email with your address and I'll send you a couple. My email is

Michelle said...

Really? I was mostly joking, but I would love some of your yuccas! Things are a bit on the busy side right now, but how about we do a plant swap after Christmas or in the spring? I would love to send you something in return. :) Cheers!

Simply Wren said...

Even the "ugly" view is lovely, Michelle. I'm sure you'll have fun watching Gabe discover winter!

Pam J. said...

A potential plant swap after Christmas sounds like a plan. More than anything I'm curious to see if I CAN successfully mail plants and if they will survive in a new setting. Although now that I think about it....yuccas are certainly not native to MD or MA, which is half the reason I dug up the plants to begin with. Seems a bit wrong-headed to send non-native plants even further out of their range. And once you plant one you'll never, ever get rid of it. Babies pop up constantly. So give it more serious thought; you may not actually want one of these "take-charge" plants. (PS: I love the shot of Gabe before a bath. He looks good enough to lick.)

Michelle said...

Hi Pam! Sounds wonderful. And yucca is native to all of the east coast, if the USDA hasn't made a mistake: I'm rather picky about sticking with natives myself. :D

Michelle said...

I should also mention that I have one little yucca already, and have been lusting after more.

LOL about licking Gabe! :D