Sunday, March 29, 2009

Composting Chris

For Chris' birthday this year, I bought him a compost tumbler. This particular compost tumbler is a ball that you turn by rolling around the yard.

Before loading the icky kitchen scraps into the ball, I made Chris get inside for a photo-shoot.

So far the design of the compost ball seems sound. It wasn't too difficult to assemble, according to Chris, and in theory it can be rolled over to wherever the final compost is to be dumped. In theory it will produce compost in a matter of weeks, but that will only be true at the hottest time of the year. We plan to keep it inside the fence to discourage hungry animals from chewing into it.


Anonymous said...

please comment on how this works for you. thanks, donna (gardening in Arlington, MA)

C4 said...

When we dump the first load of compost out I'll be sure to take some good pictures and post a review of how it's worked.