Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Plans for Spring

I can't help myself. . . with all of this snow, I'm dreaming obsessively of the garden that I want to make for Gabe.

The winter-sown seeds have been tucked in beneath a fluffy layer of white:

Last month, I finally lopped off the near branches of the poison sumac. This may turn out to be all that I need to do to keep the leaves away from the rear lawn. If I plant creatively in front of it with low, dense bushes, then we may be able to have the best of both worlds back here.

I hope the dog hobble is a good hedge choice for this.

When some of the snow melted, I had a glimpse of what is under the poison sumac: more rocks! And big ones, at that. I'll be pilfering those for Gabe's garden for sure!

Something else I would like to try this spring: build a living structure. I don't think willow would be suitable. But our witchhazels have a number of whippy shoots I could harvest and play with. There would only be enough to make a tiny structure, but if it works, Gabe will have something quite unusual in his garden.

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