Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vegetable Garden Update

Between baby, work, and picking copious quantities of tomatoes, Chris has been too busy to post anything to the blog, so I’ll fill in for him today. Gabe, it turns out, finds this wearable sling to be a mighty fine place to take a nap, so I went on a photo tour of the garden.

A few days of rain caused most of the current crop of red tomatoes to split. The yellow and purple tomatoes withstood the change in moisture much better. Despite the loss, Chris still brings in oodles of tomatoes each evening.

It’s a crazy tomato jungle out there.

His green peppers are looking lovely.

My ground cherries, which were either planted by a previous owner, or were completely wild, are growing like gangbusters. But sadly, for the second year in a row, inside of these pretty pods the fruit is rotting before it matures. I am contemplating ripping out the whole diseased patch.

Ground cherry.

The raspberry bushes and strawberries are doing beautifully.

. . .But I fear that the strawberries have ambitions to take over the world.

The asparagus continues to prosper, thanks to Chris’ weeding.

Last but not least, Chris’ ladybugs continue to patrol the garden.


marna said...

It is so nice to have a few extra minutes to be able to enjoy your blog! Great to see you using a sling. They were popular back in the 70's when I had my little ones. It is such a great way to keep a babe so snuggly close and continue on with your day! Is the Ground Cherry a perennail? I am researching different perennial vegetables.

marna said...

Mia says: Your baby is SOOOO cute!He looks just like you. Best of luck with him.

Michelle said...

Thank you Mia and Marna!

Yes, ground cherry is perennial. Careful, though; it is a garden thug.

Jay said...

nice garden, i will visit regularly to learn more about gardening.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of you and the baby!

LOL. It reminds me of this past summer where I discovered the virtues of nursing with a similar sling, at the same time as weeding. Amazingly happy little baby and a garden-starved mama was satisfied too!